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6 products
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Protein-rich products for curly hair

Protein-rich strengthening products are key to maintain curl elasticity and keep the hair healthy. Our Strength Recipes are formulated to fortify the hair from the inside out to make it look and feel stronger and more resilient to future damage. From bond-building treatments, to multi-tasking deep conditioners, to stylers in different formats, we have all the home protein treatments you need to repair and make your hair the best it can be. 

The importance of proteins in your routine

Hair is made of keratin, which is a type of protein. It makes up 91% of its hair bond structure, and it is thanks to it that the hair can maintain its strength and curl pattern. Daily wear breaks down the protein in our hair, and if we don’t counteract the loss with the correct products the hair will become weaker and more fragile. Protein-rich products help replenish the protein loss that comes from everyday damage and help seal the hair cuticles, which become more lifted the more damaged the hair is. 

Why everyone can benefit from strengthening proteins

Protein-rich products are particularly beneficial for people with weak, damaged or high porosity hair. These hair types are characterized by a very open cuticle structure, and protein-rich products link to the gaps left by open cuticles to fortify the hair and repair from the inside out. However, even if your hair isn’t damaged or high porosity, you can still benefit from adding protein-rich products to your routine. Having the right protein moisture balance every wash day is key to achieving the curls of your dreams. 

How much protein does my hair type need?

Everyone can benefit from adding protein-rich products to their routine, but not all hair needs the same amount. It doesn’t matter if you have wavy, curly or coily hair, but it matters your hair porosity. 

  • People with high porosity hair should add several protein-rich products to their routine every time they wash their curls. This is crucial, as proteins help close gaps in the open cuticle structure of this hair type and lock moisture in for longer. 
  • People with low porosity hair don’t need to use as many protein-rich products at the same time, as their hair already has closed cuticles and therefore doesn’t need to strengthen the structure as much. 
  • People with medium porosity hair are in between, so they benefit from using an equal amount of protein-rich and moisturizing products. 

How to create a protein moisture balanced routine

To achieve the best hair results, you should always follow a protein moisture balanced routine when you wash and style your hair. Our Strength Recipes have been designed to effortlessly mix and match with all other Curlsmith products to allow you to customize your routine based on your unique hair needs. Do you have very thirsty, dry, brittle hair? Mix with some Moisture Recipes to keep it nourished and hydrated. Do you have fine hair that is prone to build-up? Layer with Scalp Recipes to clarify or style your hair without being heavy or greasy.