Which Vitamins are Good for Hair?

Which Vitamins are Good for Hair?

Achieving gorgeous, healthy curls becomes that little bit easier when you know which vitamins are good for hair. Every element of our bodies rely on nutrients to thrive, and your hair is no different! We walk you through, step by step, which vitamins are vital for luscious locks and easy ways you can make sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals your tresses need!

Why Does my Hair Need Vitamins?

Our body and hair needs minerals and vitamins to function at their best. As our hair follicles create our strands, they need to be sustained with nutrients. A mixture of essential vitamins and minerals aid the follicles in numerous ways. From ensuring oxygen is carried to follicle cells efficiently, to making sure protein formation is possible, healthy hair is not possible without the proper nourishment. Every single hair type, including curly hair, wavy hair, and coily hair, needs vitamins to thrive. Having knowledge of which vitamins are good for hair will help you on your way to gorgeous tresses.

Which Vitamins are Good for Hair

10 Essential Vitamins for Healthy Hair

There’s a vast array of vitamins and minerals in the world, so you may be wondering which of these vitamins is good for your hair? Each vitamin has its own unique properties that help your hair when it is in the anagen growth phase.

Vitamin A - this is vital for cell growth. As the fastest growing tissue in your body, your hair needs all the support it can get! Vitamin A is also good for hair as it helps in the production of sebum, this is the oil that moisturizes your strands.

Vitamin B - these vitamins help carry oxygen around your body. Oxygen is essential for stimulating scalp follicles, and so helps with healthy hair growth.

Vitamin C - is an antioxidant that helps to protect against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can actually prevent growth, which is something none of us want. Another reason vitamin C is good for hair is that it helps to create collagen, which is a key part of the hair’s structure.

Vitamin D - there is some research to show that this vitamin may be good in helping the production of new follicles on the scalp. Those lacking vitamin D often complain of hair loss as a symptom. Despite there being anecdotal evidence for, it is currently scientifically unconfirmed.

Vitamin E - often seen as a wonder product for skin, vitamin E is similar in its effects to vitamin C. This vitamin is good for hair as it fights against free radicals that could block hair growth.

Biotin - helps to improve the hair keratin infrastructure, as well as encouraging hair growth and fighting hair loss.

Iron - like vitamin B, iron helps the red blood cells carry oxygen around your body, including to the scalp. Without the correct levels of iron, you may suffer from anemia which can be a cause of hair loss. This mineral is essential for healthy hair.

Zinc - has two roles when it comes to hair. The first being that zinc helps cell tissue growth, and the second being it aids oil glands in the scalp. Ensuring these work properly means your hair will be moisturized and kept in top condition.

Calcium - a lack in calcium can lead to hair loss. This means it’s important to maintain your calcium levels to avoid this happening.

Iodine - this mineral helps to correct thyroid hormone levels. When these are out of balance it can cause hair loss, as a deficiency can prevent hair follicles from regenerating. So ensuring you have the correct levels is vital!

Vitamins are good for every curly hair type, and all can benefit from having the right levels of all of these vitamins and minerals.

What Other Nutrients Does my Hair Need to Thrive?

Vitamins aren’t the only nutrient that is good for hair and helps it to thrive. There are many other factors that go into creating beautiful locks!

Collagen - helps to fight damage caused to the hair follicles by free radicals. The amino acids that make up collagen can be used to stimulate the growth of new strands.

Keratin - is a protein that helps to both nourish and strengthen the hair.

Antioxidants - these are important for maintaining the collagen in the hair follicles. Ensuring you have enough antioxidants will help to keep follicles healthy and able to grow healthy hair.

Fatty Acids - are full of nutrients and proteins that can help with both hair density and hair loss.

Protein - hair is made primarily of protein, meaning it is vital for strong locks.

Ensuring your diet and lifestyle incorporates all of these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will give your locks the best chance to shine!

Can Vitamins Aid Hair Growth?

There are many benefits of vitamins that make them great for hair and many people use them to encourage healthy hair growth. Whilst there is no magic formula to grow hair inches in a short space of time, vitamins are vital for ensuring you’re giving your hair all it needs to grow healthy and strong. By providing the hair follicles with the nourishment they need, they will be able to work their best, creating enviable tresses.

Best Vitamins for Hair

Can the Right Vitamins Prevent Breakage?

When it comes to hair breakage, you need to focus on making your hair as strong as possible. This starts from the inside out, when your hair follicles create strong hair from the beginning it will be less likely to break. This is where vitamins can be good for combating hair breakage, as making hair strong from the start gives it a better chance of being healthy throughout. However, once our strands have grown they are exposed to outside elements and these are what mainly contributes to breakage. Minimising the use of heat and bleach, as well as ensuring our hair has the correct protein moisture balance will help you fight that unwanted breakage!

It’s also recommended to reinforce the strength of your hair bonds by using a bond building treatment. This works to repair damaged hair, leaving strong, luscious locks. A combination of care and consuming the right vitamins could make your hair strong and fight against breakage.

Good Vitamins for Hair Growth

How to Easily Get the Vitamins Your Hair Needs with Curlsmith

There’s so many vitamins that are good for your hair and help it look its best, and it doesn’t have to be tricky to ensure you’re consuming these. Our hair growth supplements include all the ingredients necessary for healthy hair. The nutrients included help to nourish and stimulate hair growth, particularly when your locks are in the anagen growing phase. Containing keratin, collagen, and biotin, as well as vitamin rich plants such as wakame, goji berry, and fo-ti root, your hair and scalp will be more nourished than ever before. You can expect to see results from these hair supplements within eight to twelve weeks!

Good Vitamins for Curly Hair

What Makes Curlsmith Special?

We are a gourmet haircare company that focuses on creating formulas that really work for curly hair. Created in partnership with curly hair stylists and trichologists, our range of strength products, our scalp line, and our moisture range will leave your hair feeling and looking gorgeous!

Sharley Viola
Curlsmith’s Lead Educator

Textured Hair Specialist with a vast amount of experience delivering education both nationally and internationally. A self-confessed product junkie committed to spreading her wealth of knowledge amongst the curly hair community and beyond.

Sharley Viola
Curlsmith’s Lead Educator

Textured Hair Specialist with a vast amount of experience delivering education both nationally and internationally. A self-confessed product junkie committed to spreading her wealth of knowledge amongst the curly hair community and beyond.